Week Seven



MCKNGBRD has a really cool, in-depth, interactive scrolling timeline about page and website. The site incorporates advanced styling and use of code to make each message stand out. For example on the about page as you scroll the page responds to the text with images and dynamic manipulation of the screen. It reads "vivid memories from the soft light of a machine" and takes over the control of your dimmer setting on your computer and dims the screen. The aesthetics are fashion forward, modern and responsive.

mckngbrd screenshot one mckngbrd screenshot three mckngbrd screenshot four

Austin Mayer

Austin Mayer is an interactive director and his portfolio site is a reflection of that. The home page features a wireframe Astronaut figure whose pattern disperses when you scroll over it. Each client section of the navigation features its own interactive wire frame figure after selecting. The figure changes based on the client work, I.E. GOGO features a wireframe image of an aircraft while NIKE's forms into a sneaker.

Austin Mayer screenshot one Austin Mayer screenshot two Austin Mayer screenshot four