Week Six


Vera Meat

Vera Meat is a jewelry designer based out of New York City who specializes in making pieces inspired by sculpture, wood carving and high fashion. Her pieces are unique and haunting and sometimes creepy. Her website reflects that with a cursor that is a 6 fingered hand dipped in gold that points when you land on a link. The design is responsive and hip, interesting and high fashion. There are links on the side for her pieces and links at the top for info about her, press, questions, musings, etc. Her social links are on the bottom.

vera meat screenshot one vera meat screenshot three


Curatory is a curated collections of design and art that has a really interesting, minimalist homepage with only an about, a contact and a link to instagram where it serves as their portfolio or collection. It is black and white, responsive and minimal and very cool.

curatory screenshot one curatory screenshot two curatory screenshot four