Week Five


The Stylist Group

The Stylist Group is a women centered website with clean and colorful design. It has really nice layouts and built in reacts throughout the site. As you scroll, the menu navigation and header logo travel with you down the page, which I think is a very unique approach and very well done. When you click on the menu button it unravels across the top of the page to give you your options rather than opening vertically. The type choices and images are fashionable, attractive and playful which mirror the websites content and audience.

stylist screenshot one
stylist screenshot three stylist screenshot two

Paolo Prendin

Paolo Prendin is a photographer with a really beautiful and simple website. He features his work on the homepage in a really unique way by showcasing them in a parallax side-scrolling gallery. The images on the homepage are clickable and take you to each series. In his header on the homepage he has his name, a link to his work, a link to an about him, and a link to his instagram. Simple, thoughtful and very well done.

paolo screenshot one paolo screenshot three