Week Three



Off-White is a visually appealing website in a lot of ways. It has a header where you can find all the categories to the different Off-White collections, as well as customer care information, the newsletter, etc. As you scroll down you get images of recently uploaded items that are treated in a high fashion way. The website is responsive and informative while still being designed in a really cool and fashion forward way. There is a footer that has links to social media and a back to home link that takes you to the top of the page.

offwhite screenshot one
offwhite screenshot two
offwhite screenshot three
offwhite screenshot four
offwhite screenshot six
offwhite screenshot seven
offwhite screenshot five


Warby Parker has a website that has clean lines and is very user friendly. Everything is broken down into sections; the header has categories for each item offered. When you click on the categories, instead of being taken to a different page a half page pops up where you can shop between men and women. It is a really nicely designed aspect of the website. There is also a section towards the end of the page that has different categories and customer care information, it is responsive and informative.

warby parker screenshot one
warby parker screenshot two
warby parker screenshot three