Week Two



SquareSpace is a website building and hosting service where they offer several pre-built website templates for novice and experienced patrons alike. What it enjoyable about SquareSpace is the responsive nature of the website and the aesthetics of the page. It has a thoughtful and user friendly design and its all in one platform helps even those unfamiliar with design and coding build a beautiful website. It has an easy to navigate menu where you can find information for templates offered, customer support and tools.

squarespace screenshot one
squarespace screenshot one


Wallpaper* ia a global design site and magazine publication where you can find the latest design news ranging from architecture, fashion, art and lifestyle. Counting legends like Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Behar among their subscribers and creative pioneers, Wallpaper* is not only masterfully designed but also responsive, insightful, informative and beautiful to look at. Each category is easily found in the header of the website with a main article at the top when clicked. The only thing distracting is the advertising space at the top and side.

wallpaper screenshot three
wallpaper screenshot one
wallpaper screenshot two
wallpaper screenshot four